Sweat A Lot – Save On Energy Cost

Sweat A Lot – Save On Energy Cost

Infrared Saunas. An item that some people feel they need in their home is an infrared sauna. These saunas are advertised as a way to detoxify and rid one’s body of toxins and uranium that are ingested from fish, pesticides and polyvinyl chlorides (new car smell).

However great the ads say these saunas are, they do only one thing for the human body…….makes it sweat and there is limited if any detoxing involved.  The organs that help the body to detoxify itself is the liver and kidney says Dr. Dee Anna Glaser, Dermatology Professor at St. Louis University.

Dr. Donald Smith of UC Santa Cruz, who studies treatments for metal poisoning, states that sweating does limited if anything to rid the body of mercury or other metals.

So if you plan to spend thousands of dollars on a sauna to detox it will not happened.  You will simply sweat.

Source Information: Article “You sweat, but toxins likely stay” by Chris Woolston.

Solar Construction New Solar Panels. Home owners are looking for ways to reduce high energy prices to heat or cool their home.

Being marketed is a thin film technology which is mounted on glass windows and other type surfaces to absorb the sun’s rays is an experimental method being looked at as a substitute for silicon which is in very short supply.

Thin film appears to be less costly to manufacture, more durable, less unsightly than the bulky solar panels and cost less to install. However it hasn’t generated the same kind of power as silicon.

And in both cases, when the sun doesn’t shine neither produces significant if any energy. There also some questions now being asked as to how much a homeowner saves with energy panels. So the industry is still young and growing and the savings to cost is just starting to be debated.

An unrelated item that will save a homeowner money on energy cost is a tankless water heater. Expensive to install but it will save money on utilities. It could be money well spent.

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