Program Director: Scotty Brink ― February, 1972 to October, 1973
Updated 6-19-2011
Scotty Brink's Timeline
Scotty Brink was brought in from KHJ/Los Angeles to program WRKO in February, 1972, during its "Album Rock" days and left in 1973 when the station moved to high-energy Top 40 programming under new Program Director, Paul Drew. According to Brink, the first thing he did as P.D. was to add Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven .

While he had been a major-market on-air talent in cities such as Chicago and Philadelphia, Brink was never on the air at WRKO, ― except when Dale Dorman literally had problems getting his car started one particularly-cold winter day, when Scotty was forced to arise extra-early, and fill in, until "Uncle Dale" was able to slide into the station's parking facility.

Note that while this aircheck is abbreviated, Dale does show up in the full version...and he warmed up quickly and went right to work with the funny stuff he's famous for!

According to Scotty,  "I did spend a few months as JJ Jordan at WOR-FM New York right after returning from VietNam in the spring of '68. I was then transferred back to KHJ in the fall, and used my own name again. JJ was a Drake-created moniker (and one he really loved). A few years later they passed it on to our Dallas buddy, who then became the real JJ Jordan."

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Scotty Brink, 1965 Scotty Brink, 1969
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