Goodbye from the Big 68!
April 2, 2017
with my sincere and grateful thanks to K.P. and D. J.
This site is about 20 years old. Literally, thousands of hours have gone into its construction and updates.  I have interviewed dozens and dozns of former WRKO jocks, news people and management. Over the years, many of you have been generous and kind, by helping me sustain the costs of the server the Websites (there are actually five, including the Big 68 Store, as well as one where where ALL the known WRKO music surveys are found and have been transcribed for your enjoyable viewing and research.).

Yours truly has taken that 20-year journey with you which, when it began, I was 46 years old.  Now, I am 67 years old, and living on Social Security. While it pays all my personal bills, it does not afford me the luxury of certain "extras" such as these sites.

I thought long and hard about these sites, which, according to your generous feedback over the years, has provided you with 50,000 watts of pleasure!  Unfortunately, my costs are too much for me, and  at the same time, I have lost interest in the sites.

Therefore, with so many thanks and so much appreciation - it's time for me to shut down the transmitters, walk out the big heavy, steel doors, and lock up.

Oh and I have NOT been invited to the 2017 reunion.  After 20 years of love given to the former stations (AM & FM).... well what can I say?
  The domain names are for sale.  Please contact if you have a substantial offer, and are ready to make payment.